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SmartStone in White River, is the leader in quality simulated stone products in Mpumalanga South Africa. Our wide range of products will meet all your paving, cladding and landscaping needs. We are committed to Service, Quality and Design.

SmartStone offers a proven track record of more than 25 years in Southern Africa. SmartStone White River is the undisputed market leader in the cast stone industry in Mpumalanga.

We have a wide range of products from paving cobbles to flagstones, interior tiles to wall cladding and landscaping products.
Authentic stone designs, which look more like stone than stone does.

Unique colour blending technique provides products with the natural stone appearance.

Ongoing license support in respect of new product development, new production techniques and mould supply.
The SmartStone solution. Your recipe for success.

Driveway Products:
Huguenot Cobbles Magalies Pavers
Patio and Pool Surrounds:
Old Cape Pavers Shepstone Pavers

Interior Products:
Smartiles Escourt Tiles
Walling and Cladding
Wynberg Cladding Drakensberg Cladding

Landscaping : Circular Features Railway Sleepers, Tree Rings Bird Baths


SmartStone White River Mpumalanaga can improve your home with Huguenot Paving

Huguenot Cobbles
Imagine the Victorian era of yesteryear with a world of stylish courtyards and bustling squares, echoing with the sounds of horse-drawn carriages rattling along cobbled streets.


To recreate this atmosphere SmartStone has produced the Huguenot cobble. The cobbles, with several different profiles and subtle colour variations, offer a cost effective alternative.


Huguenot cobbles have been selected for historical, prestigious and ecologically sensitive projects throughout South Africa.

They have been laid at the Parliament Buildings, the Castle,
Kirstenbosch Gardens and the Waterfront in Cape Town, the Union Buildings and the Presidential Residence in Pretoria.

Huguenot cobbles are also ideal for your home.


It is vitally important when laying SmartStone to continually clean the surface with a wet sponge of any cement, which could cause damage to the pavers, cladding, etc.
It is recommended that two to three days after grouting is completed, that the surfaces be cleaned with a solution 1 part spirit of salts to 4 parts water. Scrub a small area
at a time (±1 to 2m²) and then rinse off the area immediately with clean water.

This will clean off most adhering mortar as well as cement dust that may have settled on the surface, as well as the lime in the upper layers of the concrete, and will help to
eliminate efflorescence which tends to appear on the new concrete.

This method can be repeated at any time that paving, cobbles, walling or tiles become dirty and will help to enhance the natural look of the simulated stone.


All home improvements can be supplied by SmartStone White River


Recreate the character and charm of centuries past with these accurately reproduced flagstones.


The biggest selling flagstone in SmartStone’s range is perfect for your home.

Available in various sizes, they are an ideal choice for flooring, patios, pool surrounds and pathways.


Copings are available in two different sizes – 500 x 250 x 40mm and 250 x 250 x 40mm.

SmartStone White River Mpumalanga can beautify your home for you

Bring character and warmth into your garden by emulating the natural rustic charm of real stone.


SmartStone’s Old Cape Pavers are crafted using genuine stone masters. Their rugged shape and texture

will provide the grace, elegance and beauty of natural stone to your garden.

Old Cape Pavers are simple to lay and the three sizes will allow you to create various designs and

patterns. They can be used as stepping stones for pathways, under trees or even around your pool.

SmartStone White River Mpumalnga can provide you with all your landscaping and garden improvements
SmartStone White River Mpumalanaga are stockists of the best home improvement products available

Country and Wynberg Cladding

As the art of stone masonry became lost to the world, and costs of the traditional methods became exorbitant, SmartStone developed a new and exciting alternative that looks so real that it is often difficult to distinguish it from genuine stone.


Whether you select the rustic Country Cladding or formal Wynberg Cladding, our cladding is ideal for internal feature walls, reception areas, fireplaces, bar counters, restaurants and externally on commercial and residential projects.

SmartStone White River can supply you with the best home improvements you could wish for

Another classic simulated stone design to supplement our wide range of value adding, easy to install landscaping and paving products.


Railway Sleepers are cast in moulds crafted from genuine railway sleepers to give that time worn appearance. The colours are embodied throughout the sleeper.

SmartStone White River Mpumalanga can improve your home really beautifulyl


Tree Rings that emulate a decaying section of a tree trunk, but without the disadvantage of rotting or becoming slippery. They make ideal stepping stones to complement the garden.


Bird Baths are crafted from authentic African maize grinding stones. No garden is complete without two or three of these.


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