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MOTH Parade Delville Wood Kaapsehoop

2012 - 07 - 14

At the grave of Evan Davies who was wounded at Delville Wood




Moth shellholes Mpumalanga (Whiteriver) and Lone Tree (Barberton) organised this years Delville Wood parade at the grave side of Veteran Moth Evan Davies in Kaapsehoop cemetery Evan Davies a veteran Moth who survived the Battle of Delville Wood, lies buried in Kaapsehoop cemetery The four Lowveld Moth Shellholes together with Regiment Louis Botha Barberton at the Delville Wood parade held at the graveside of Evan Davies

Delville Wood Parade organised by Mpumalanga (White River) and Lone Tree (Barberton) Shellholes

The headstone of the late Moth Evan Davies in Kaapsehoop Cemetery

Delville Wood parade attended by all four Lowveld Shellholes; Jock (Sabie) Mpumalanga (White River) Legogotu (Nelspruit) & Lone Tree (Barberton)


Evan Davies' granddaughter Colleen de Klerk laying a wreath on her grand father's grave attended by granddaughter Gilda Biassoni and great grandson Pierre de Klerk Gilda Biassoni and Colleen de Klerk granddaughters of Evan Davies together with Moth Louis-John Havemann paying tribute to their grandfather and a veteran Moth Seated at the Delville Wood Parade from left, Angelo & Gilda Biassoni, Colleen de Klerk and great grandson Pierre de Klerk

Granddaughter Colleen de Klerk laying a wreath, watched by grandaughter Gilda Biassoni & great grandson Pierre de Klerk

Granddaughter Gilda Biassoni, Moth Louis-John Havemann and granddaughter Colleen de Klerk at the late Moth Evan Davies' grave. Gilda & Colleen are Evan Davies' daughter Peggy's children

Angelo & Gilda Biassonni, Colleen de Klerk and great grandson Pierre de Klerk at the Delville Wood Parade held at the Kaapsehoop Cemetery.

The Stevenson-Hamilton pipe band led by Drum Major Hulley Bruce Wreaths laid in rememberance of Delville Wood on the grave of Evan Davies veteran Moth survivour of the Battle of Delville Wood A medal display created by Moth Jon Tombs showing the structure of the 1st Soth African Infantry Brigade who fought at Delville Wood

Drum Major Hulley Bruce leading the Stevenson-Hamilton Pipe Band who played at the Delville Wood Parade and wreath laying ceremony.

Wreaths laid on the grave of the late Moth Evan Davies during the Delville Wood Parade to remember the fallen of World War 1, especially those who fell at the Battle of Delville Wood July 1916

A medal and insignia display by Jon Tombs depicting the structure of the 1st South African Infantry Brigade including a round memorial plaque for those who died during that war.


The most important point is that we Moths who remember this man at the Delville Wood Parade actually stem from him and them, those soldiers of that generation; because the Moth Order was started after the 1st World War by these veterans and here we are nearly 100 years later paying respect to them.

In 2012 we, relatively speaking "New Boy" Moths on the block in terms of the age of our Order, are observing the three ideals and the three corner stones of the Moth Order which are; True Comradeship, Mutual Help and Sound Memories. By honouring not only Evan Davies but all the soldiers who died in the First World War, the so called War to End All Wars, we gather around a grave or any other place that can bring focus on what actually happened back then and the Moth Ode of Remembrance is that;

 “They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.


As a brother Moth, Evan Davies did during his life as a Moth, what we as fellow Moths did on Saturday 14th July 2012 and that is remember his fallen comrades who died in that war of which he was a survivour together with we who have also experienced service. In today's context having the granddaughters and great grandson present, I feel “Fond Memories” is more relevant, but we enjoyed “True Comradeship” and extended “Mutual Help”.




MOTH Delville Wood Parade Kaapsehoop

2011 - 07 - 16

At the grave of Evan Davies who was wounded at Delville Wood



The above photograph of Pte P.P.J. Grobler (marked with the black cross, see photo right), was given to me at the Delville Wood Rememberance Parade, by Mr Piet Schoeman of the Elands River Valley.
Philippus Petrus Jacobus Grobler born 21/06/1895 died 12/09/1918 was his great step uncle. This photo is on a postcard taken on 14th July 1916, the day the Springbucks went into Delville Wood.

P.P.J.Grobler was wounded during the battle and in the chaos and confusion was left for dead. He was reported as Missing in Action believed to be dead. He was found by the relieving force and sent to England where he recuperated after several months. Whilst returning to South Africa the ship he was sailing on was torpedoed and sunk. He drowned on the 12th September 1918.


Mr. Piet Schoeman also let me use a photo that he had acquired of the grave of another Delville Wood survivor E.C.Mathis.

Emile Charles Mathis is buried in the Elands River Valley and a wreath for him was laid by Piet Schoeman during the rememberance day parade.

According to Ian Uys' book on page 111 we read a report written by Mathis after the war for the "Springbok"about his role in the Battle of Delville Wood . He was 17 years old and in No. 3 platoon known as the Yiddisher Platoon under 2nd Lt. Jack Hollingsworth.

"When we attacked on the morning of July 16 1916, from the waist high trench we had dug in the wood we were almost immediately pinned down by heavy machine-gun and rifle fire.

Emile Charles Mathis born 1-May-1899 died 22-June-1977 Survivor of Delville Wood. Remembered with love by his wife and children Emile & Emily

It swept in purposefully from the front and the flanks and took its toll. A slight rise in the ground gave some cover to a few of us.Behind this six of us were lying - Lt. Isaacs (B coy), Cpl Heath (D coy - Lewis guns), myself, Johnny Grimes, "Daddy" Neilson and Lange, four of us out of A coy.

Cpl Healy was later awarded the DCM. I brought up ammunition for him as the rest of his gun crew were put out of action as soon as we attacked.

He goes on to report that Isaacs and Healy were able to successfully withdraw to their trenches after the attack, as well as Grimes and Neilson during a heavy shower of rain. Lange was killed in the attempt and Lt.Hollingsworth never returned from the attack and was posted as missing, assumed killed


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