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Whether you choose a cremation for personal or religious reasons it can be done in various ways to include your own wishes and that of a loved-one. After the cremation takes place the remains of the loved one will be handed to the family in an ash box or urn.


Attended Cremation

At an attended cremation, the norm is that the loved one will be brought in a casket to the church, chapel or venue by the funeral parlour involved. The casket will be present during the sermon or memorial service. After the sermon or memorial service the loved one will be taken to the crematorium in the chosen casket for the cremation to take place.

Unattended Cremation

Unattended cremation

The norm is that the deceased will not be brought to the church, chapel or venue by the funeral parlour involved. No casket will be present during the sermon or memorial service.

A sermon or memorial service can be held for the loved one at church, chapel or venue. At no stage will the deceased be present at any of these events.



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Our professional and caring staff is dedicated to working with your family to provide assistance in selecting high quality and affordable funeral services during a time

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The standard funeral can take place in two ways:

In the first situation, the loved one is taken by the funeral parlour assisting with the burial, in a casket to the church or place where the funeral sermon will be conducted. A sermon or memorial service will be held as tribute to the loved one. After the sermon or memorial service the mourners will leave to the cemetery where a short service can be held before the actual internment takes place....


The mourners will gather at the cemetery or place of internment, have a short sermon and do the actual internment.

After the internment, the mourners will move to the church or venue where the actual sermon or memorial service will be held. After the service the mourners will move on to a venue where refreshments will be served and the life of the deceased is celebrated.



What is a pre-arrangement?

No one wants to think or even talk about death any sooner than they must, Pre-planning allows you to plan your funeral or cremation service ahead of time and have it on record with Martin’s Funerals.

What are the benefits of a pre-arrangement?

It provides an opportunity for you to gather important information and convey your personal wishes, customs and beliefs to your loved ones. It allows you the time to think through and make practical decisions that reflect what you want and spares your family the emotional strain on the most difficult time of their life. You give your loved ones the gift of knowing that they are fulfilling your wishes.

What are the economical benefits of a pre-arrangement?

By planning in advance you eliminate surprises at what can be a very difficult time. You can choose to pre-pay or take out a policy to cover the costs, this will free your family from the financial obligation later on. Each come with their own benefits as discussed.

Pre-planning of funerals



With our network of franchises throughout South Africa and with representation in all 9 provinces Martins Funerals will arrange transportation of your loved one where the need arises.

  • We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days.
  • We guarantee the transport of the deceased to their final resting place.
  • We assist with all the legal documentation (required by law) to make the necessary funeral arrangements such as the death certificate etc.


If you have sadly lost a loved one in death but would like their final resting place to be somewhere abroad, we can help you to arrange this. Repatriation services are something that we specialise in, it is a service where we arrange global transportation of the remains of the deceased body/ashes back home. We repatriate via road or air to neighbouring countries like Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia or Mozambique.

  • We also assist families do the importing of mortal remains to South Africa.
  • We obtain all the legal documentation (required by law), certificates and permits as well as embalming that is required before the repatriation can take place.


The following needs to be taken into consideration

  • Cemeteries
  • Stone
  • Shape
  • Design
  • Lettering
  • Performance
  • Value

We manufacture from a number of Granites and marbles namely:

  • Rustenburg Granite
  • Zimbabwe Black Granite
  • African Red Range
  • Parys Granite
  • White/Pink Marble
  • Carrara Marble (White with grey grain)


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