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Agriservices assist small and big farmers in the Lowveld region



Agriservices deals with nurseries in Mpumalanga

After studying for an agricultural diploma, I went to Israel farming with vegetables and flowers for 2 years.


Back to the Lowveld area I started farming and soon after became involved in the irrigation industry.


By now I have 24 years experience in agricultural and irrigation.


We have now opened a shop in Nelspruit to supply in the demand of the growing agricultural industry.


We will be keeping the company small in order to give personal service to our clients that have supported us over the past 24 years.

Agriservices in the Lowveld Region



Misting systems and Propagation controllers in Mpumalanga

Our staff consists of 3 people :


  • Alet Kruger : Technical
  • Alet Kruger  : Admin
  • Anton Weyers Sales and Management


Green House irrigation in Nelspruit

Agriservices assisits small and big farmers in the Lowveld region with irrigation design; supply of equipment; greenhouse sales and plastic.


Agriservices deals with nurseries in the Lowveld supplying them with Misting systems Propagation controllers, Temperature and Relative Humidity Controllers, repairing dams and replacing liners.


Agriservices in Nelspruit, Mbombela, has a wide range of products on offer for GREEN HOUSE IRRIGATION, which includes Wet Wall design and supply, misting and fogging, cooling units and temperature control, plastic sheeting and shade netting, as well as plant propagation.


Agriservices also offers expert advice and supplies all the products for WATER MANAGEMENT .

Wet Wall design for Green Houses in the Lowveld
Water Management advise from Agriservices in Mbombela Agriservices helps with Fertigation requirements in Hazyview

This ncludes Tensiometers and Electronic Water Meters as well as a wide variety of Hand Held Meters and nutrient Testers


Agriservices will also solve your FERTIGATION requirements for Hydroponics, EC and PH Control Equipment, pressurised Dosing Tanks and Venturi Injectors.

Water Purification services in Mpumalanga



Water filtration in the Lowveld



Repairing dams in Nelspruit


Agriservices  WATER PURIFICATION services will help advise on Water Purification and Activated Carbon, Floculation Systems, Ultra Violet, Ozone Generators and all related chemicals.



Greenhouse Irrigation

  • Wet Wall design and supply

  • Misting and fogging

  • Cooling units and temperature control

  • Plastic sheeting and shade netting

  • Plant propagation.



  • Hydroponics

  • EC and PH Control Equipment

  • Pressurised Dosing Tanks

  • Venturi Injectors.


Water Filtration

  • Filters and Filter Banks

  • Screen Filters

  • Auto Scanaway Filters

  • Sand Filters.


Water Treatment

Chemical dosing pumps used for flocculent and chlorine injection.


Water Management

  • Water meters

  • Tototizers,

  • Transmitters

  • Soil Moisture meters (tensiometers)

  • A wide range of electronic agricultural meters


Irrigation Equipment

  • Clamps

  • Pumps

  • Gardena Sprayers & Connectors

  • Hose pipe adapters

  • Garden Hoses and fittings

  • Misters e.g.


Agricultural Equipment

  • Adhesives

  • Sprayers

  • Garden and agricultural tools

  • Metal mesh e.g.


EC and PH Control Equipment in Barberton



Agricultural Equipment in Nelspruit



Garden Hoses and fittings in Mpumalanga

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P O Box 8073
Nelspruit 1206


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o8h00 to 16h30


Tel: 013 745 7169


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